about us

We are a group of friends who have a shared passion for weddings.

We are making our dream come true by working as wedding planners. Our work will make things easier for couples, by taking away the hard work of organising, leaving you free to focus on what matters most to you. Let us help to make your wedding day truly unforgettable. We would be honoured to help plan your wedding down to the smallest detail

How did it all begin?

We are a group of friends who are very lucky that our friendship has lasted many years and we still like each other :-). We know about ourselves that we are creative, that we enjoy organising and that we have no problem to arrange practically anything. We have taken part in many weddings – in the roles of bridesmaids, maids of honour and as brides. Then the moment came.

We helped our Kris with decorating her venue, and while decorating we talked about life… no,no…it wasn´t that serious. :-) We all agreed, that the wedding day is full of joy and happiness and pure beauty.

So we decided, having organised our own, our friends´ and our families´ weddings, we could do it for others too. We kept the wedding decorations and we started making our dream come true.